Night Photography

What Kind of Stabilization Do You Need?

To take better night photos, you should try to buy the appropriate equipment before focusing on all the tips and tricks we’ve gone through so far. Among other things, this should include gear that incorporates image stabilization technology. If you don’t know what image stabilization means, it’s simply what it sounds like; it aims to make images more still and shake-free.

When do you need it?

Image stabilization comes in handy when you need to use a slower shutter speed and don’t have a tripod. Despite the fact that you may have very steady hands, shooting hand-held will always introduce some shake in the photos when you click the shutter unless you’re shooting at a very high shutter speed. Even with a tripod, stabilization is a really good way of ensuring that your photos are blur-free and sharp. So if you’re taking a lot of night photos and want to have the sharpest possible shots, consider adding stabilized gear to your arsenal.

Types of Stabilization

Broadly speaking, there are two ways in which you can have stabilization added to your workflow. Either you can buy stabilized lenses, or you can invest in a stabilized body.

You may be taking a photo of the moon with a longer focal length and wondering why your image keeps coming out a little blurry. It may be due to the fact that a telephoto lens has a tendency of introducing movement into the shot even if it is on a tripod. And that is precisely where a stabilized lens would come in handy. However, stabilized lenses are considerably more expensive than their non-stabilized counterparts, so keep that in mind.

The second piece of equipment you can buy to make sure your images are still is a stabilized camera body. In these bodies, the sensor of the camera itself is stabilized, which means that any lens you attach to the body becomes stabilized too. This, in many ways, is a better option than buying multiple stabilized lenses as they can get quite expensive. Having a body with built-in stabilization also allows you to use older, manual lenses that can be bought for very little money and provide very unique results.

But whichever type of stabilization you go for, just know that it’ll go a long way in making your night sky photos sharper that can be with a photo enhancement software much more easily.