Night Photography

How to Keep Your Images Noise Free

Night photography, as much fun as it can be, is not easy for a number of reasons. The most obvious problem, of course, is the lack of light. To compensate for this lack of light, there are many things you can do. However, many new photographers just end up ramping up their camera’s ISO sensitivity which leads to a lot of unpleasant noise in their pictures. Here are a few ways you can either avoid using a very high ISO or keep the noise under control:

  • Use a slow shutter and wide aperture to allow the maximum possible amount of light to enter your camera. However, the slower the shutter speed is the more you have to stabilize your camera, so always try to use a tripod when shooting long exposures.


  • Use external lighting in the form of camera flashes or any other source that you can control. Sometimes using even the camera’s own flash with a DIY diffuser can give you pretty good results. Try to maximize the available light as well by choosing angles and perspectives that bring the most light to your camera.


  • Try using Median Blending when you have no other choice but to use a high ISO. This method basically merges multiple images of the same object, resulting in a much cleaner looking photo that you can actually use.


So the next time you go out to take some photos in the dark, take a tripod with you and shoot a long exposure, use some lights to brighten up the scene, or just take a lot of images at a high ISO and then blend them together.