Night Photography

How to Keep Your Camera Stable

Taking a sharp and well-exposed photo at night can be a challenging task to accomplish. Photos can come out noisy or blurred a lot of the time, so it is essential that you stabilize your camera properly before attempting to shoot night scenes.

  • Use a Tripod

A tripod brings the stability you need for your camera, especially for longer exposures. It allows you to experiment with lighting by using the shutter speed you want, and you will even get a different perspective in your images than with shooting from eye level.

  • Use a Timer or Remote

Some people find their photos coming out blurry even when using a tripod. This can be because of the movement incurred while pressing the shutter button. To avoid this, put your camera on timer mode so that it takes the photo a few seconds after you have pressed the button.

If you can get a remote shutter for your camera, it’s even better for stability. You can also take really long exposures when using a remote that allows your camera to be operated at Bulb Mode.

  • Use a Faster Shutter

If you have to shoot handheld, then your best bet is to use a faster shutter speed. To do that, you need a lens with a wide aperture so your photos don’t come out too dark. You can also use a monopod along with a fast lens to stabilize your shots while walking around. A monopod is a very helpful tool for street shooting when you can set down a tripod in the middle of the street.