Night Photography

Essential Items for Night Photography

So you’ve decided that you want to take on night photography. First of all, you need to be aware of all the different items you will need to pursue this dream of yours. Night photography is more complicated than daytime photography in many ways, so you should be ready for all the challenges that might occur during the process.

Let’s take a look at what things you will need before heading out into the dark:
• A Camera of the Right Kind

Of course, you’ll be needing a camera to take any kind of photo, but to take breathtaking night photos you need to invest in the right kind. Your camera must provide you will full manual control over the settings as this is key for long exposure photography. It should also be capable of taking RAW photos, because you might need to tweak the file to get the perfect shot in post processing.
Your camera should also have a Bulb mode to let you experiment with really long exposures. Having a camera that provides good low light performance is also a bonus.

• A Tripod

Long exposure photography demands the use of a tripod. You need to keep your camera completely still while it’s taking the photo. You don’t need to go all out and get a heavy, carbon fiber tripod though. Here is a list of some budget tripods you can take a look at.

• Some Accessories

In theory, if you have the afore-mentioned things, you should be able to start working with night photography. I, myself, used just a camera and a tripod to take my first long exposures. Other accessories that can really help you with your photography include a remote shutter release to make sure your camera doesn’t wobble when you press the shutter button, some flashlights if you want to experiment with light painting, and some fill lighting for those really dark and pitch black areas.