HDR · Night Photography

Capture Stunning Cityscapes At Night

Shooting daytime views of the city is all good, but take those same shots at night and your photos will take on a totally different look. The lights, the moving cars, the stars, all these things combine to make night photos much more dynamic, and at times alive, than daytime ones can be.

One important trick to take stunning night photos is to use HDR. With daytime photos, it’s as simple as taking a few brackets of the same scene and merging them together, but things get a little trickier at night. Here are the top things you should keep in mind while shooting HDR cityscapes at night.

• Shoot Manual Brackets

It’s important to have multiple different brackets for your night HDR photos. That is why you may need to adjust the settings on your camera manually and take various shots rather than relying on the camera’s own bracketing system.

• Focus Manually

At night, all but the very best of cameras will have trouble finding focus on their own especially in low light. For this reason, you should try and focus manually using live view or the EVF of your camera.

• Use a Tripod

It should go without saying that you should use a tripod for night time photos. This will help minimize camera shake in long exposures. You should also invest in a remote shutter release, or use a 2-second delay when taking photos so the camera doesn’t move when you press the shutter.

• Software Matters

HDR photography requires you to merge the various brackets you’ve taken into one cohesive image. This can be done within the body of some cameras, but it helps a great deal if you shoot in RAW and use a software to take care of this. The excellent Aurora HDR is an easy recommendation because of its lower price and vast array of easy-to-use features.

• Don’t Push ISO Too Much

One of the most important things to remember while shooting night HDR photos is to keep your camera’s ISO at a level where noise doesn’t creep into your photos too much. The maximum usable ISO for every camera differs, and you will have to do some test shots to find this out.

• Invest in Equipment

They say that gear doesn’t matter but in some cases, especially in night photography, it does. You need a camera body that can handle high ISO levels with ease, and a lens that has a wide aperture and is sharp as can be. A cheap lens will encounter high levels of lens flare, which becomes very hard to fix in post, so get a lens that is better suited for night photos.

HDR night photography can be very fun and quite rewarding if you do it right. Make sure you read through all these tips and tricks before heading out for your next project, and you can be sure that you’ll end up with some amazing photos.

Night Photography

The time when sun starts playing hide and side

There it goes down on west and comes backs on east after 12 hours. When sun is out there are lots of beautiful things happening in dark. Darkness is not a fearful state it is a state of discovering new world without sunlight. The world can be explored in the night photography. The night sets forth to survive many living organisms.

Fantasy of darkness

Darkness is a beauty which can be admired by nyctophilia. The night has got its own charm. To help people explore more about the delicacy of nights, night photography is being practiced present days. The night photography has its own kingdom to rule over. There are certain subjects which are taken in night’s light they are

  • Celestial bodies
  • City skylines
  • Fireworks
  • Night life
  • Aurora
  • Thunderstorms
  • Amusement rides
  • Streets
  • Lights
  • Moonlight

There are the main subjects for night light photos. They need much patience and certainty while taking clicks in night mode. There will be only moon light on not even that in many places capturing an image in such condition is really a challenging one to do with. But the beauty of the photo lasts forever.

The light of city is the best photography art. The city has various light dazzling in night time when a picture is taken from top most capturing the colorful twinkles of light then it sets the picture ablaze. The pictures define what kind of thinker you are and what type of message you are about to tell mankind.

Techniques for night picture

  • Tripod
  • Wide angled lens
  • A lens hood
  • A flashlight
  • Good tool

These are the main stuffs needed for your night picture capturing. At nights you may get falling stars or streaks of light passing through, to capture them with High Definition you must need all these things to look your picture more amazing. A single picture of night life stays upright in millions of memories forever.